Filter Operation

Skimmer Water Level - Ensure that the pool's water level is halfway up the skimmer faceplate. This is the normal operating level, (even with the third screw on the faceplate as you count from the bottom up).

Skimmer Basket/Throat - Keep the skimmer basket clean and make sure the skimmer throat is not obstructed.

Pump Strainer - Open pump to ascertain basket is clean, intact and seated properly. Never operate your pump without water or the strainer basket in the pump. Before closing, fill the pump housing with water. Replace the housing cover, making sure the gasket is in position so no dirt or grit will prevent a tight seal.

Filter Pressure Gauge - When starting the pump, it may take a short time for the filter pressure to normalize due to the presence of air in the suction lines. By opening the air bleeder valve located on the top of your filter to expel the air more rapidly. When the air has been expelled, the pressure gauge reading should be 10-15 psi on most filters (15-20 psi on systems with heaters).

Diatomaceous Earth Filters - Do not operate your DE filter longer than one minute without adding DE. Add DE to either skimmer once the water comes out of the returns in a steady stream. Add the DE slowly to the skimmer, or premix the DE in a bucket of water and then add it to the skimmer.