Swimming Pool Service

Weekly Maintenance

Includes: Vacuuming Pool with our own equipment recycling clean water back into pool, leaf netting surface, cleaning waterline, emptying skimmer baskets, emptying pump basket, brushing walls (if needed), backwashing filter when needed. Chemicals tested and adjusted as needed. (Chemicals sold separately.)

Please Note:

  • All contracts may require a site visit to inspect pool and filter equipment.
  • An Initial Power Vac may be required to start service.
  • Credit Card Authorization required.
  • Credit Cards are billed weekly.
  • Payment must be up to date to continue service.


Includes: Removal of winter cover. assembly of filter system, start filter system & add D.E. (if water is at proper level). Installing ladders, diving boards, handrails & all other accessories. Initial shock treatment.

Loop Loc Owners - Please be advised that it is best to open your pool by May 1st to prevent algae. It is highly recommended to pour liquid aglaecide through the cover one month before opening your pool.

Please note:

All water must be removed from your cover prior to your appointment date. Vacuuming of pool is not included in summerizing. If you would like us to start your filter system, please bring water level underneath the cover to the proper height.


Includes: Disconnecting and cleaning of the filter & pump, removal of handrails, ladders, diving boards, etc.., placement of winter cover and water bags as necessary, placement of ice compensators as necessary, addition of winter chemicals, blowing out and plugging of water lines.