Turn pump off. Make sure that your skimmer and pump strainer baskets are clean. 

Adjust skimmer flaps (located underneath each skimmer basket). Open the flap in the skimmer closest to the pump and filter all the way, and close the other skimmer(s) flap(s). You will vacuum though the skimmer closest to the pump and filter. 

If you have a main drain, it should be closed to afford maximum suction through the skimmer. Turn your Jandy valve to shut off the main drain. Turn on your pump and check your skimmer for water movement to ensure strong suction. 

Stretch out your vacuum hose along the side of your pool. Snap the vacuum head into the end of the vacuum pole. Slip one end of the vacuum hose onto the vacuum head. If you have a swivel cuff on your vacuum hose, make sure the swivel end goes onto the vacuum head. 

Prime the hose. Place the vacuum head (with the hose and pole attached into the pool. Place the hose end (you have in your hand), against the return fitting and allow the water to "blowout" or displace the air in the vacuum hose. The vacuum head will rise and bubble. When it has settled to the bottom of the pool, cup your hand over the vacuum hose and carry it to the skimmer closest to the pump and filter. 

Place the skim vacuum plate (looks like a white bowl with a fitting on top) on the end of the hose. Bring the hose over the coping and place it directly on the skimmer basket. Move the vacuum head slowly. If the vacuum head is moved too rapidly it will stir up sediment and your results will be less than satisfactory when the dirt has settled requiring a second vacuum. 

When completed, disconnect, remove and drain hose then store. Return skimmer flaps and valves to their normal operating positions. Check filter pressure gauge to see if the filter needs to be backwashed. 

Helpful Hints:

  • Do not lift the vacuum head out of the water or you will lose your prime.
  • Disregard your filter pressure reading it usually drops while vacuuming.
  • Disregard air in your pump basket.
  • Check skimmer basket periodically if the pool has a lot of leaves or other debris in it.
  • Backwash the filter if the pool is very dirty, and emptying the skimmer basket does not restore suction.
  • If suction is too strong, open the other skimmer flap 1/8 of the way.